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Lincoln, the one who has committed and has shown to, and has convinced the whole world that all men and women are created equal before God and have the same rights to live in this world.

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Clarence Lee

Bachelor of Media & News 
Certificate in  Labour Law (Mainland China) 
Certificate in Computer Networking (Full Cert)


Network management in China and Hong Kong market

Channel management and support

Building customer and partner relationship

Developing people and organization

Developing business in emerging markets

Help our clients to get more business for win-win situation

The entire recruitment process begins with the need of two critical questions: "What job role are you wishing to fill?" and "The role needs to be filled by what kind of individual?"

Company that fails to give these two questions enough thought should not be surprised when they later face difficulties in attracting enough suitable candidate. Have you defined a job role correctly in terms of what the role's task, goals, needed skills, or competencies are and the type of role?

Where you could find candidates?

  • Are the possible candidate already working in your company?
  • Did you contact past staff, your alumni network or to seek candidate referral?
  • Do you have a database of candidates from previous recruitment?
  • Did you provide referral incentive scheme to your staff for successful referral?
  • Did you contact professional association and chamber of commerce?
  • Is it best to advertise your job vacancies to the printed media?
  • How might you use your internet and various website to help you source candidate?
  • Will you consider some forms of campus recruitment to hire the graduates?
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